Regina Andrew

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 Founded on the belief that everything we do should electrify the room,
Regina Andrew sparks self-expression and creativity through unforgettable design. High style and accessible pricing set Regina Andrew apart in the lighting and accessories market.  Their product spans coastal, industrial, and contemporary aesthetics, with a focus on interesting textures and materials.  Regina Andrew also has the capability of adding power bases and rocker switches to their table lamps for guestroom quantities.  Their product is typically in stock which makes model rooms and last minute installations possible. 


When your passion for the environment runs as deep as ours, it’s easy being green. An ever-increasing commitment to work in tandem with nature has led us to award-winning sustainable practices. Our corporate offices and warehouses are 100% solar powered. Not to mention we use as much recycled cardboard as possible and are masters at transforming reclaimed and recycled objects into things of beauty.

Helping Others:  

Our very first product? A designer doghouse created for a charity fundraiser. Animal lovers to the core, Jimi and Carla have a long-standing partnership with Last Day Dog Rescue and donate 100% of the proceeds from their canine-themed bag collection to the rescue group. The company also supports Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill Industries, The Salvation Army and the American Cancer Society. And because charity starts at home, the RAD team steadfastly supports the Detroit community, supporting local talent, sourcing local materials and improving the lives of those around us in any way we can.

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 Regina Andrew’s creative spirit and visionary design which has been honed, molded and forged for over two decades, is now using its curated aesthetic for specialized collaboration with architects, builders and some of the world’s biggest brands in order to fashion custom pieces for hotels, restaurants, office spaces and more.