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At Studio Twist, our mission is to offer a beautiful line of luxurious, customized bed scarves and textile solutions that meet your design, style, color and construction specifications, while providing pleasing and memorable experiences for the guest or end user.

We understand that design, quality, timeliness and budget are all components that must work together to complete a successful project, and though we are known for our exquisite design and quality construction, the name studio Twist has also become synonymous with an extraordinary level of service.

You can expect “just in time” samples and production, as well as CAD and color information, within a 24 – 48 hour turnaround time. Our network of affiliated representatives, chosen for their reputation for excellent service and expertise in the hospitality design arena, is happy to provide the information and samples you need to make your project a success. 


Studio Twist yarns are inherently FR and pass NFPA and IMO codes.
They are:

  • recyclable
  • anti-bacterial
  • washable
  • colorfast
  • durable
  • lightweight

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 Studio Twist blends color, texture, and innovative stitching with fresh design to create custom knitted bed scarves, throws, pillows and blankets that inspire perceptible tactile and visual experiences for guests in hotels, resorts, spas and assisted living spaces.